Logo of In Harmony Preschool

Our philosophy

In Harmony Preschool, aims to provide a diverse and enriching experience to the students and families that walk through our doors. We follow and support The Attachment Parenting and nonviolent communication. For us, the child’s feelings, needs and emotions are our first priority. In our preschool, we do not use punishments or rewards. We believe in the benefit of an open dialogue, providing empathy and understanding. We understand that students of this age communicate in various ways. We observe and identify the needs of the student, through how they communicate and behaviors they exhibit. Our belief is that it is our job to teach our students how to manage their behaviors, that they do not fully understand the meaning of yet. In communication with children, we rely on the principles created by A.Faber and E.Mazlish - "How to Talk So Kids Will Listen and Listen So Kids Will Talk". That way our children feel safe, understood, happy and engaged in learning. We are driven to ensure, that everyone in our preschool, feels in harmony, physically and emotionally. We believe this is key, to creating a successful learning environment.


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