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Children are learning with the help of a globe in an international kindergarten in Wroclaw

Benefits of
In Harmony Preschool

In our work we follow and support The Attachment Parenting and other streams that foster positive relationships. We provide individualized learning. We respect, accept and value our students. It is crucial for us to make everyone feel important and needed. We offer:

  • international environment
  • qualified staff
  • engaging additional classes
  • everyday play, with music
  • pomelody class conducted by certified trainer
  • lots of sport activities in our multifunctional gym
  • everyday outdoor play
  • safe playground in our garden
  • aesthetic clasrooms, eqiuped with high quality, modern educational aidsi
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English-speaking kindergarten in Wroclaw

At In Harmony Preschool, when teaching a foreign language we use the technique called „total immersion”. From the first day we almost completely give up using the Polish language. Thanks to specially prepared exercises and games, the youngest students do not even notice that they are learning English. Learning through play is the most effective and pleasant way to learn.

Growing up in an international environment

The community of our kindergarten consists of people from many countries. Cultural diversity opens minds of young people to other cultures and customs. Being in an interdisciplinary team teaches how to ask questions, tolerance and cooperation in a group. We work on the Polish and British core curriculum. We place great emphasis on developing creativity. We achieve this goal, among others, through everyday work with music that perfectly stimulates children's minds to develop.

We try to bring out the best, both from child and guardians

We work on the bases of assumptions of Attachment Parenthood, Positive Discipline and Non-Violent Communication. What does it mean? In our kindergarten in Wroclaw, we do not use punishments and rewards, because such actions do not motivate to improve behavior or further development. In return, we carefully observe the needs of the youngest, and then, with our own behavior, we give them a role model. This way of teaching helps to shape the independence of the child, and also teaches a partnership approach in everyday life.

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