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By deciding to send your child to In Harmony Preschool, you focus on a safe environment for your child, while providing an atmosphere of respect and acceptance. Our institution is based on Close Parenthood, Non-Violent Communication and Positive Discipline, because that’s what makes everyone feel important and at home.

Did you know that music supports brain development, speech learning, stimulates creativity, and positively affects your child's personality?  The ages of 0-6 years are a vital timeframe to start the adventure with music, because that's when a child's mind is most absorbent, and creates the most nerve connections.  We’ll introduce your child to POMELODY music to get them started.

If it is important for you to develop your child's creativity, deal with new situations, make friends, problem solving, then our kindergarten is the perfect choice.

IHP is a unique place that every child will love.


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