Logo of In Harmony Preschool

Nursery kids ages 2 - 3

Our facility also provides nursery for children aged between 2 and 3 years. Nursery is a part of In Harmony Preschool and its programme reflects the educational principles of In Harmony Preschool. Communication at nursery takes place in English. In this way, we prepare children for adventure with English at In Harmony Preschool.

At In Harmony Nursery, we ensure a safe and warm environment, creating the optimal conditions for the children to develop and learn. We treat children with respect, honouring their diverse needs. We develop their creativity, social and emotional competence. Our programme places significant emphasis on speech development, through reading aloud, singing, circle games. We pay attention to language and make sure to avoid condescending baby talk. We also conduct everyday music classes – singing songs, dances, improvisation.

To develop the children’s sense of aesthetics, we provide them with inspiring learning spaces. We avoid garish colours in our interiors, so as not to overstimulate the children. We believe that the sense of beauty is shaped from an early age.

Physical activity features prominently in the daily routine – children spend outdoors every day if only the weather permits. Failing that, we organise active play indoors.


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