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I graduated from Master Studies of English Philology at Wyższa Szkoła Filologiczna in Wrocław, where I did teaching and translating specialization. I also completed post-graduate studies in Early Childhood and Primary Education at the University of Wrocław. I gained my teaching experience working at the beginning in language schools, and most recently, in an international kindergarten.

I am a lifelong learner and continue to educate myself, by participating in numerous trainings and conferences. Specifically, in the field of preschool pedagogy, as well as positive discipline and music education.

In Harmony Preschool was founded on the principles of, love of children, passion for language, education and music. My goal was to create a place, where children feel safe, understood and happy, where there is an atmosphere of respect and acceptance, where everyone feels important and needed. In my work, I am primarily guided by love for children and the faith I have in each of them. I am  impressed by child's sensitivity, openness to unknown and undiscovered things. I like observing changes that occur in child's development and enjoy seeing their emotions and their confidence grow. With the whole staff I try my best to discover children's potential and to make an appropriate environment for comprehensive and harmonious development of our students.

I am also a mother of two wonderful children - 5-year-old Zuzia and 2-year-old Szymek. They are both bilingual, thanks to English-speaking education! I have loved working with children for as long as I can remember, therefore, being able to open In Harmony Preschool, is a dream come true!


My name is Karolina. I have worked with kids at different ages since 2011. Throughout my colorful career in a variety of places I gained life experience I wouldn’t change for anything else. I have lived in Ireland for 7 years, surrounded by multicultural people who made me realize how beautiful our world is and that each one of us adds something to it.

I have completed a BA degree in English, which I also topped up with a TEFL course.

My journey and freedom to test abilities in various jobs in my twenties made me realize that I am the happiest and the most satisfied when I am with children. Without hesitation I decided to complete a master degree in Early Childcare Education. It only taught me more about how individual each child is and supported beliefs I already had, that childhood is the most important time for each human.

I am a nature and outdoors loving person. My favourite spots are by the ocean or riding waves. I have many interests, although the ones on top would be music which I can’t live without, psychology- ways to improve mental health, understanding others and self development, cooking dishes from a variety of cuisines (I am always up for a new recipe), gardening indoors and outdoors- it’s very satisfying and teaches patience, water sports- because truly, I am a mermaid :) I believe that my intuitive creativity and imagination helps a lot when working with children and I wouldn’t be doing it if the kids didn’t like me back.


My name is Magda and I am so excited to meet everybody at the In Harmony Preschool soon! I am orginally from a small but beautiful village in the east of Poland, however nearly half of my life I spent living in England with my little international family, my husband Luis and 12 year old son Alex.

I have a master degree in teaching - polish philology, I hold a british OCR Level 3 Diploma in Special Support for Teaching and Learning in Schools and obtained many courses related to teaching early years and supporting children/young people with learning disabilities. Since 2012 I have been working as a deputy manager and SENCo at Nomansland Preschool, a beautiful setting located in the heart of the New Forest. My role includes planning day to day activities, safeguarding, liaising with parents and working closely with other profesionals from outside the preschool, all according to EYFS requiments and Ofsted regulations. Alongside my early years work experience I worked as registered childminder and at local home for young people and adults with learning disabilities and mental health.

In my free time I enjoyed being active,walking, running and cycling, I love cooking and baking, watching films and ballets, reading books and spending time with my family!

I believe that every child is unique, individual that have their interests and different learning styles and pace, and we as teachers must get to know our students well to offer best opportunities to help them achieve their best development and potential so they can succeed in their future lives. I love working with young children, implement universal values on the daily basis and helping young children understand that we are part of bigger multinational world.


My name is Gosia. I am a mom of 6-year-old Olivia and admirer of children. I am passionate about their development and approach to life. For the language of everyday communication between me and my daughter I chose English. I am interested in the multilingualism of children and the impact it has on their development and understanding of the world. 

 I started my adventure with children in 2013, when l taught at a school in Kahawatte in Sri Lanka, I also gave private English lessons over there. After my daughter was born - I automatically became her personal English teacher. In Cardiff (Wales) for 3 years I worked with Mom and Todler's integration groups - mainly Little Acorns and Seren Fach.

After returning to Poland, I taught English language to children in my daughter's preschool as part of the "Parents in preschool" project. I also became involved with the children's club - "Klubodzieciarnia". Before I started working at In Harmony Preschool - I lived in Great Britain for 14 years. 

 I am a graduate of Journalism and Public Relations at the University of Wroclaw and a graduate of English language (EFL) at the Stratford upon Avon college in England. 

 Currently I am working at In Harmony Preschool and I am very happy to be here. This is the place where every child can feel safe and freely discover the world. Also I feel privilaged to work with such an amazing team.


My name is Wiktoria, I enjoy travelling, bike rides with friends and family also I do yoga and I’m interested in gymnastics. Most of my life I have lived in London,over 14 years. I studied Business and Health and social care. During my studies i had work experience and my first choice was to work in a nursery because I enjoy getting to know each child as a unique individual, finding out what makes them tick and then using this knowledge to help them grow to maximize their strengths to build their confidence and competence. I find it really rewarding to be an integral part of their development. As time was passing i enjoyed it so much I wanted to continue my career in that path. When I decided I wanted to move back to my motherland, Poland. It was a massive step in my life. However I am happy I made that choice as I am here today In Harmony Preschool, which is such an amazing environment that I’m grateful for and I am beaming with excitement to see what the future hold for me here.


My name is Mizgin. I come from Turkey. I graduated from the Department of Political Science and International Relation at the University of Artuklu, Turkey. I love peace so I want to study Ethnic Conflicts for my MA to resolve the issues through the world. Moreover, I enjoy everything about nature and simple life. With lots of love, peace and happiness. I love meeting new people and learning about their lives and their backgrounds. 

I am passionate about my work. Because I love what I do, I have a steady source of motivation that drives me to do my best. I'm dependable and detail-oriented. I take my job seriously and once assigned a task, will see it through to completion. I love my job and I get a great sense of achievement from seeing my students develop. I have a strong ability to plan and organise effectively; something which is crucial to the role of a competent teacher. 

In my spare time, I like recording audio-stories and some activities for kids, watching movies, reading biographies, learning new languages, cycling and cooking which is my favourite hobby. 

I am happy to work under the same roof with my excellent group that encourages me to succeed day by day. We are here for all students as an inspiring role model to go further and dream bigger


At In Harmony Preschool I am a music teacher. Music and love for singing have been standing by me since my early childhood. In my life I had both individual voice training and sung in small bands or choirs. I've been leading a children's choir for many years and prepared with my friends small music & drama performances. In the 5th primary school class I made friends with the guitar, which has been accompanying me from that time. I had the opportunity to start my adventure with the Italian language during my economy studies. I've dealt with English from secondary school where my English classes were given by native speakers from the USA.

I have 4 wonderful children who are hooked on music also. In 2018 I started to give musical classes for parents with toddlers. I use the methods of the authors from the Pomelody program and also other valuable sources of music for children.

I believe that early contact with good music and the opportunity to experiment with sounds from the first months of life is extraordinarily meaningful for the upbringing of the young.

Anga Nomonde Sidlayi

My name is Anga. I am a native English speaker from a city called Mthatha in the Eastern Cape, South Africa. I'm a mother to a 10 year-old boy, Lilo - who is my inspiration. I truly enjoy nurturing him as he develops toward his full potential.

I have a Diploma in Analytical Chemistry from Walter Sisulu University. I have always known that I wanted to expand my career prospects and gain international experience while helping to shape growing minds. I take great joy in sharing information, promoting learning and nurturing others as they develop or improve their preexisting skills, especially children. This is what has motivated me to pursue teaching as a career.
I have a TEFL Teaching certificate and I am currently working toward obtaining my CELT-P certificate specializing in "Young Learner Education ".

Children bring me great joy and contentment. I've always wanted to play an integral part in the dynamic experience of helping children develop their passion for language, tolerance and cultural sensitivity as well as help nurture their curiosity.

In Harmony Preschool has offered me the privilege to positively influence young minds and realise my dream of working with children. I am profoundly grateful, humbled and excited for this journey! 

I aim to bring an open mind, positive attitude, safe and caring environment where children are free to embrace their authenticity. I believe that all children are unique therefore as teachers we should create a dynamic environment using different forms of media and materials in order to ensure that all students get the best learning experience and are motivated to learn.


My name is Izabela, I was born and raised in Podkarpacie in Poland. I am blessed with a large family of seven siblings and loving parents.  Growing up in a large family made me experienced a lot of love and unity which now I want to immersely share with children.

Working at In Harmony Preschool made it possible and gave me the opportunity to further stretch my love for children, patience,  understanding  and working in effectively and efficiently in a diverse environment. In my journey as Teacher Assistant I am keen to learn more about the children's different stages of development, their needs,  functioning of their young minds and nurturing them while building strong bonds with them.

I love spending time with them, watching them grow to becoming future leaders and mostly creating a friendly and safe environment for them. I am happy to learn indepth  how to give them everything necessary for their development and be able to gain the valuable experience. Everyday I learn various skills that help me to understand children more, their problems and their needs. I am grateful to the IHP team who  welcomed me and always offer lots of great advices and help at every step of my journey in the preschool.

In my spare time I Iove doing photography, where I can present how different, unique and beautiful people are. I also find interest in animals and have always had a soft spot for them for as long as I can remember. I  have been nurturing 2 Parrotts which I love and regard as my babies. My love for music is not only groomed from coming from a musical family but because over the years it has become a very important part of who I am and reflects where I come from.


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