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At In Harmony Preschool, we believe every child has the ability to learn through music. Music is incorporated into our daily lessons and supported through instruments, songs and dance. We believe that the importance of music starts during prenatal stage and in the first years of the child's life. Children who regularly participate in music classes, develop foreign language skills with ease and be open to trying something new! Music supports children’s brain development. It supports the learning of speech, physical coordination, stimulates creativity, and positively affects the child's personality.

music class – playing instruments together

We play music everyday - we sing, dance, improvise, compose. We use the innovative method of music learning for children, developed by Prof. E. E. Gordon, as well as Pomelody’s program. Gordon compares music to the learning of language. The child learns to speak in a comprehensive way, by listening to the language, of those who raise the child. Learning the language through conversation, not through a traditional academic structure. It is the same with music. Providing the child with the possibility of listening to various forms of music, will help them to tap into their musical talents and to develop a musical ear. As Anna Weber who is the creator of Pomelody program, says “Music is kids first language. Children recognize sounds before they can understand words, thus music is our first and most natural language.” Pomelody provides education, entertainment and great fun. Through this program our students are taught with quality music, practical music skills and the basics of music theory.


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